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1. Guided By One Spirit 

          This entry speaks about the unity in the body of Christ. The church is called to be united in one purpose and cause.

2. Getting Practical with Love

           Most of the celebrated topics in the face of this Earth is LOVE. We can hear and see several meanings of this word. This article help us dig something new about LOVE.

3. Facing New Year with a New Mind

            Romans 12 has this very impact on every believer. That is to totally decline from the pattern of the world we are living in. Check out the real things we believers must do in order to separate from the said pattern.

4. Don't Worry; Be Happy

             Too much preoccupation would tend to make us dull and unappreciative. Get back to the joy th Lord our God has given us through this article.

5. In Defense of a Virginal heart

             This article tackles the controversial truths behind the song "Kiss Me" by Sixpense None the Richer. Read on and be inspired of the true designs of God.

6. Responding to Rejection

              Charles F. Stanley talks about rejection and how we will be able to place ourselves in God's presence thorugh his grace that confirms our identity to HIm.

7. How to Handle Failure

                Mr. Purpose Driven Life, Ptr. Rick Warren exposes to us the things we have to do to overcome failure and the effects of it in our live check it now here.

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